"Data suggests physicians are in the best position to help people lose weight"

Dr. Michael Kaplan, CMO of The Center For Medical Weight Loss

About Us

The Center for Medical Weight Loss @ SOGA was opened in 2012 in order to help people meet their weight loss or weight management goals. Dr. Anne Doll-Pollard and Dr. Bonnie Gelly have always recognized that there is a need in the community for a medically supervised weight loss program.

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What To Expect

Once you have made an appointment for you initial consultation with The Center For Medical Weight Loss @ SOGA, here’s what you can expect. It’s just three easy steps to your CMWL personalized weight loss plan: 

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Carrie Bircher

Carrie Bircher has joined our SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) Team and has taken over the Director position. Carrie has a BA in Arts and Science from Western Illinois University.

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$39.00 Consultation: Getting starting with the SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss is as simple as making an appointment for your initial consultation. During that visit you'll receive a comprehensive body composition analysis (BCA) and a one-on-one assessment with our Director, Morgan Phelps.

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