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Helping patients achieve and maintain healthy weight loss since 2012.

Welcome to SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL).  At the SOGA CMWL, it is our goal to find a personalized, healthy and safe program for all our patients.  Many scientific studies have proven that in order to be successful in long term weight loss, you must engage in healthy behaviors. Our team will help you find those behaviors that will work for your lifestyle. Through nutrition and movement counseling, behavioral modification, and the use FDA approved prescription medications, we will help you lose weight and improve your health.

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Carrie Bircher

Carrie Bircher joined our SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) team in 2015. In addition to being the CMWL Director, she has been a Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer since 2003. Carrie has helped many women with healthy lifestyle changes and helped them to understand how to keep weight off and maintain for a better way of life. In 2009 Carrie and her husband started their family.  After gaining 50-55 pounds with each one of her pregnancies she again turned to diet and exercise to lose the weight! She believes holding yourself accountable, tracking what and when you eat, is the key to successful weight loss. 



Dr. Anne Doll-Pollard

Living in Highland, Illinois with her husband and family, Dr. Anne Doll-Pollard has been with SOGA CMWL since it began in 2012.  She was instrumental in bringing the program to the area because she recognized a real need in the community for a safe, healthy, weight loss solution.  Dr. Doll-Pollard is a medical doctor who is board certified in OB/Gyn and is actively pursuing an additional board certification in Obesity Medicine in order to better serve her patients.  The emerging science related to genetics and weight is something Dr. Doll-Pollard is fascinated by,  and she is very excited to use this new research to better customize weight loss and movement plans. 


Dr. Bonnie Gelly

Born and raised in Highland Illinois, Dr. Bonnie Gelly is very excited to offer medical weight loss to her community.  She has been in involved with SOGA CMWL from the beginning and looks forward to expanding our services to reach even more patients.  Dr. Gelly attended Saint Louis University and is a board certified Ob/Gyn. She is currently pursuing an additional board certification in obesity medicine and is passionate about the use of movement and exercise to help patients maintain their weight loss.  Metabolic testing is a tool that Dr. Gelly introduced to the practice in 2018. By helping patients determine how their bodies use calories, she can design custom programs that fit individual lifestyles.

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Nancy Taylor, WHNP

Nancy Taylor, WHNP joined SOGA medical practice in 1997 and started with the SOGA CMWL in 2013.  Women’s Health is something that Nancy is passionate about, and she recognized that one of the biggest health challenges that many of her patients face is carrying extra weight.  Since starting with SOGA CMWL, Nancy has helped many patients find safe and effective programs that will help them achieve medically significant weight loss. Nancy is actively involved in her community of Stauton, Illinois and enjoys spending time with her three very active granddaughters.