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SOGA CMWL has seen some amazing results.  These are just a few patients that have been willing to share their pictures and stories with us.  Success can mean different things for different people, and we realize that many of our patient have different goals.  Whether your goals are to lose weight so you can be more active with your grandkids or to lose weight so you can enjoy better health, we can help you be your own success story.  


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Amy Ritter   

Starting Weight:  239 lbs

                          Current Weight:  186 lbs

Amy started her journey at SOGA CMWL just 7 months ago.  Amy started on the QuickStart Program and is currently sticking to the Modified Program with bi-weekly weigh-ins and Lipo B injections. 
So far she has lost a total of 53 pounds, 9#s off her BMI,  36 lbs of just Fat, 7.6% Body Fat, added 4% on her water intake and actually went up  1 lb of Muscle!

Amy wrote:  I have struggled with weight most of my life.  Up and down but mostly up.  I felt like I carried all the extra weight on my knees and hips.

They were hurting so bad, I knew it was time to find something that worked! 

Being on certain meds for artificial heart valve, was one of my biggest concerns.  I tried herbal dieting then just gave up.  I lost my parents within 4 months of each other and divorce..all worked against me getting back on track.  Went to Dr. Doll- Pollard and she was telling me about the new diet plan they had at SOGA.  I thought "What the heck!”  So I made an appointment and started the journey.  Carrie gave me a report on how much water and what to eat.  I gave up unsweetened tea all together. Water! Water!  Water!  I think is the key.  After the first couple weeks, I did no real exercise. I think 7-8 lbs came off.  I was impressed!  Next weigh in...same  thing.  After getting 45 lbs off...It slowed down. So I added a couple extra workouts in my routine.. and now 53 lbs off!!!  I’m thinking maybe try for another 10-15... knowing  with summer coming I will be riding my bike more.  I eat more vegetables now and try different ways of cooking them!  I look at foods like cakes and such, thinking how long  it will  take me  to work off those calories...and ask myself if it is worth eating? I’m thankful for  the support Carrie and the others at SOGA have given me!